About me

Hello! My name is Nathan McCracken. I am a freelance graphic designer specializing in brand design and UI/UX. I also do small simplistic front-end development projects for individuals and businesses. I strive to keep the cost for my services low, while still keeping the quality at it's highest.

I started doing graphic design work in late 2017 using a program called Paint.net. This program taught me the basic functionalities of tools and controls for the Adobe programs that I use today. I primarily work in Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, but I am looking into learning other programs to expand my services.

"This user is a talented graphic designer and I would definitely purchase from again. This user created a logo for my consulting firm."

Mason J.

Founder of Axiomatic Consulting Firm

"Amazing person. Patient, Respectful, & Mature. Also Budget Friendly. Made me gold standard artwork for very cheap."

Caden S.

Independent Music Producer

"Very high, amazing graphic designer. This user put up with me changing my mind many times. Very patient. Great individual."

Luke W.

Head Developer of Immortal LLC

"Dealt with this user for a commission. Everything was handled in a professional manner. I'm very satisfied with the product I received."


Independent Java Developer

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